BTS’ V hot pictures that caused a furor among the ARMY

BTS’ V hot pictures that caused a furor among the ARMY

BTSV has been the talk of the town because of his two singles released in order to promote his debut album, which is going to be released on September 8. However, there was another aspect of the idol that caught the attention of his fans, better known as the ARMY, A new set of hot photographs took the breath out of the ARMY.

BTS’ Official social media accounts revealed a set of photographs of Kim Taehyung for his debut album, ‘Layover.’ The idol’s bad boy-inspired look made the ARMY go crazy and caused a furor in social media after the photographs were released.

The four photographs quickly became viral on social media and raised expectations from his debut album because of the particular looks he chose to promote the album. This album promises to show the most vulnerable side of Taehyung through the six songs from Layover.

This might be the last release of V before he got enlisted to the South Korean mandatory military service which would make him disappear from the K-pop scene for almost a year and a half joining some of his bandmates who are currently in the same situation.

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