BTS’ V dresses up as a bear to surprise his fans, ARMY

BTS’ V dresses up as a bear to surprise his fans, ARMY

BTSV commonly known as Taehyung has always been the talk of the town because he is one of the most extroverted and charismatic members of the band. This time was no exception to the rule after his fans, better known as ARMY, found out he was dressed up as a bear.

Recently V released his album, ‘Layover’ which met critical acclaim. He released “Slow Dancing” as the third single off the album, he found a great way to promote the song by going out to the streets of Korea dressed up as a bear and inviting the ARMY to a private concert.

After the ARMY found out V was dressed up as ‘Teddy V’ social media flooded out with numerous videos from the idol, at first instance, people didn’t show any interest in the mysterious person dressed up as a bear. However, two school students decided to approach him.

They were to drink a coffee and ‘Teddy V’ told them they were going to be able to see Taehyung for a minute. Even though the two friends didn’t believe him, they accompanied the bear to a living room where they were shocked after they saw V singing.

This amazing interaction is available on the official channel of BTS, ‘Bangtan TV’ where the boyband made some special videos, such as Suga’s farewell before enlisting in the military service. In this case, though, V shows his love and has cute interactions with the ARMY in order to promote his album.

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