BTS’ V draws attention for his recent comments on the movie ‘Barbie’

BTS’ V draws attention for his recent comments on the movie ‘Barbie’

In the middle of all the projects of his solo stage, V of the boy group BTS, has caught the attention of many fans and netizens on social media for his recent comments on the new acclaimed movie ‘Barbie‘ surprising everyone with his opinion.

During the promotions of his debut solo album, ‘Layover‘, the idol was invited to the prestigious W Korea magazine, where he had an incredible photoshoot that has captivated all his fans, however they also did an interview to him where they asked him if he had seen any movie recently.

With this question, the South Korean artist decided to respond by saying that the movie he had seen recently was the production of the iconic Mattel doll, and confessed “it’s seriously the most shocking movie I’ve seen recently“.

Despite having only said a few words, V made it clear to his fans that this film work and its feminist impact touched him, in addition to being able to understand the meaning, which has excited his fans for having understood such an important message for women of all world.

Besides V, BTS’ Jungkook revealed when he was releasing his song ‘SEVEN‘ that he wanted to see this commented movie, so it is possible that he has already seen it, and we can only awaited that he shares his opinion with his fans soon.