BTS’ V debuts buzz cut days before his enlistment in the army

BTS’ V debuts buzz cut days before his enlistment in the army

BTSV has made such a buzz in the last couple of days because he enlisted in the South Korean army. The idol has had the time of his life by sharing with his loved ones, and finally, he debuted buzz cut for all this season.

On December 10, Taehyung surprised his fans, better known as ARMY, after he rocked his buzz cut on Instagram stories. The artist shared a set of photos where he proved he could pull off any hairstyle and look phenomenal.

V was dressed in an orange leather jacket and captioned the photo with “D-1” as a countdown to his enlistment date, which begins on December 11. In the rest of the pictures, V was holding a cake with his face as a celebration of this new chapter in his life, which was captioned as “It was my dream: sunglasses with a shaved head… I wanted to try it out someday. It turned out well ✌️.”

ARMY quickly noticed the cake had a beautiful message, “WE! WILL! WAIT! FOR! YOU! Kim Celine, Borahae,” accompanied by numerous CELINE outfits worn by Taehyung. In addition, those celebrations were held before V’s birthday because he is going to be enlisted in the army, and he cannot share with his friends.

BTS’ V and RM are reported to begin their basic training at the New Recruit Training Center in Nonsan on December 11 before proceeding to their respective unit. Particularly in V’s case, he is going to join the Special Duty Team. The boys must serve their country for 18 months before resuming their music career.