BTS’ V confesses to having felt embarrassed for this funny reason

BTS’ V confesses to having felt embarrassed for this funny reason

In recent days, V, a member of BTS, made all his fans laugh by revealing through his social networks that he felt embarrassed for a fun and tender reason that no one expected while he was traveling and having fun with his friends.

The famous K-Pop idol has shared on his personal Instagram account some photos of him during his recent visit to Paris, France, and although the details of his travel are not known, it is a fact that he was having fun.

On October 26th, the idol was seen at the Incheon airport returning to South Korea from his travel, where many fans and media were waiting to welcome him. The idol captivated everyone with his incredible visuals, but an oversight ruined the moment for him.

After his arrival, V shared a photo of him in which he looked thoughtful, and then made ARMY laugh by revealing that he had felt embarrassed for the most unexpected reason, explaining that the sweater he was wearing at the airport was upside down.

In addition, the idol published another photo in his stories in which he showed the original way in which the garment should be worn and that had a gingerbread cookie in front of it. The rest of his outfit was made up of a white shirt, dark brown pants, a light brown hat, and accessories.

Although many fans couldn’t help but be amused by the BTS member’s mistake, many claimed that they hadn’t noticed it and simply thought that he was looking good as always, proving that V rocks the clothes however he wears them.

In the other hand, the idol recently has achieved an impressive record with his song ‘Sweet Night‘, part of the OST of the successful drama titled ‘Itaewon Class’, since this October 25th the MV of this song exceeded 100 million views on YouTube.

What do you think of BTS’ V’s cute and funny oversight that make him feel embarrassed?