BTS’ V and UMI’s collab, “wherever u r,” dominates iTunes Charts worldwide

BTS’ V and UMI’s collab, “wherever u r,” dominates iTunes Charts worldwide

BTSV has become one of the topics trending this last month for numerous reasons. Firstly, the idol enlisted in the South Korean military, which would mean a hiatus in his music career. However, this was not an obstacle for the idol as he kept promoting new music along with UMI. In addition, the Idol turned 28 years old on December 30.

Taehyung and UMI’s collab, “wherever u r,” was released as a gift for V’s birthday, who highlighted he felt disappointed because he would not be able to celebrate it with their loved ones because of his military duties. The song serves a sweet and sincere message for their fans around the world.

The song swept almost every iTunes Charts shortly after its release, BTS’ fans, better known as ARMY, were nostalgic about the song because of the current events in V’s life, and this was enough for them to top #1 in at least 89 countries around the world, including big markets as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany.

This amazing feat only proves BTS’ V’s great influence despite him not being able to promote his music, his artistry is solely able to sell his amazing projects. You can celebrate this amazing feat as you watch the “wherever u r,” lyric video below:

UMI, V - wherever u r (ft. V of BTS) official lyric video