BTS’ V and UMI released their collaboration “wherever u r” on V’s birthday

BTS’ V and UMI released their collaboration “wherever u r” on V’s birthday

BTSV had such a great journey in 2023, that he released his solo debut album, “Layover,” which met critical acclaim and a huge reception from his fans, better known as ARMY. He sent off some of his fellow members to the military but most importantly, he enlisted himself earlier in December.

The idol’s biggest disappointment was enlisting in December because he would not be able to celebrate his birthday with his loved ones, including the members of BTS. Taehyung’s birthday is on December 30 and UMI knew the exact way to celebrate it.

On December 30 at 2 p.m. KST, American singer- songwriter, UMI released her new collaboration with V titled, “wherever u r.” This song was described by BigHit Music as a song that wanted to tell everything to the fans. In addition, UMI and V enjoy listening to each other’s music so this collaboration was easy to do.

UMI released an official lyric video for the song and a cute video of herself and V singing along to the new single. This was one of the best birthday gifts for BTS’ V because he adores music. ARMY also flooded social media with birthday messages and support for this new single, you can watch the “wherever u r.” lyric video below:

UMI, V - wherever u r (ft. V of BTS) official lyric video