BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s relationship is making headlines again for this reason

BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s relationship is making headlines again for this reason

Despite recent reports indicating that Jennie from BLACKPINK and V from BTS have ended their romantic relationship, the two idols are making headlines again for this reason, which has managed to capture the attention of all their fans and comment on it.

This is due to a new publication where a Pann user published an extensive and detailed timeline of the alleged love relationship that the BTS member and the BLACKPINK member had, with many images that confirmed this romance.

In this publication, it was shared that the first interactions between the artists on social networks were during the year 2019, where they also showed that both at the beginning of their relationship and throughout it, they published many clues about what could be happening between them.

For its part, the large number of occasions in which they seemed to be in the same place together, as well as wearing the same accessories and clothing items such as pieces of jewelry or caps, were also exposed, and as it happened many times, it became a curious thing.

At last, when a hacker leaked the controversial images of the idols together on different romantic dates, many did not believe it and passed them off as edits; however, many others investigated them, finding great details that would confirm the veracity of the photos.

This new publication made the names of the idols and their supposed relationship trend again, resurfacing the debate of whether or not there was a relationship. It is worth highlighting; their agencies neither confirmed nor denied this, a strange fact since it is common for such matters to be clarified to the fans.