BTS’ V and a fan spend the whole day together making the ARMY jealous

BTS’ V and a fan spend the whole day together making the ARMY jealous

In recent days, a lucky BTS fan was surprised and rewarded with spending an entire day with V, a member of the boy group, fulfilling what perhaps was one of her biggest dreams and causing a lot of jealous throughout the ARMY fandom for this great chance.

The Dingo Story YouTube channel posted a new video showing the K-Pop artist enjoying a whole day with his lucky fan. In addition, the same idol shared on his social networks the beautiful photos that they took together on that special day.

This incredible and exciting reunion between an ARMY and V happened thanks to Dingo Story, which is a channel that seeks to unite fans with their favorite artists with just one request. In this way, the channel located the BTS member, who did not hesitate to give one of his thousands of fans a special day.

Showing himself very shy, Taehyung waited for his partner that day in a cafeteria, until the fan named Kim Hayoung entered the establishment and saw the singer calling her name, starting their great day together.

The two had a fun day, playing, eating, talking, and taking photos together. However, what made ARMY jealous the most were the cute and touching words that the idol dedicated to the lucky fan next to him:

Thank you for loving me. I hope everything is fine in your life, stay healthy always. I wish you many good things in your day to day“.

In addition, at the end of their day together something even more incredible happened, when they said goodbye with tears in their eyes, V approached his fan to give her a tender hug and in the form of consolation he said “Let’s meet again a second chance“, making that all ARMYs want to be in her place.

Surprisingly, the ARMY who was with Kim Taehyung at Dingo Story took the same photo in the past!!