BTS’ Suga will not go to the army. Find out the details of the military service that the idol will do

BTS’ Suga will not go to the army. Find out the details of the military service that the idol will do

Suga of the boy group BTS will be the third member of the group to begin his military service, however the idol will not attend the same military branch as his groupmates, since he was assigned to fulfill his mandatory duty as a social worker.

After finishing the acclaimed concert tour, Suga announced that he would soon enlist in the South Korean military service, making it clear that he would see them again in 2025. Weeks later, BIGHIT Music agency announced that the idol would enlist on September 22nd.

Although in its statement the agency did not explain details of the idol’s functions, it stated “no official events will be held on the day Suga begins his service or enters training camp“, which made his fans understand that this member will not attend the initial training that every recruit must receive.

Taking this into account, it is believed that the authorities may have classified the idol as unfit to perform the service, which usually happens when there is a health problem, so he would be assigned to an alternative service that focuses on social work for a period of 21st months.

Although the agency has not announced it, The Korean Times reported that Suga was declared unfit for combat, so he will not be able to enter the army, and although the reason for this qualification has not been revealed, it is believed that it was due to the surgery the idol received to repair his shoulder in 2020.

Due to this, the South Korean rapper will enter the army, starting with a 3-week basic training, and then be assigned to a social work position where he must comply with schedules and work days assigned by the Government, so he will not have to stay on any military base.

The idol is expected to return from South Korean military service on June 21st, 2025.