BTS’ RM shared a heartfelt letter to his fans before his enlistment

BTS’ RM shared a heartfelt letter to his fans before his enlistment

BTSRM shook the whole world after it was announced he was set to start his mandatory military service on December 11. The idol had a great little vacation before enlisting, and he is ready to say goodbye to his fans, better known as ARMY, with a heartfelt letter.

On December 10, RM took over Instagram stories to share his sincere thoughts in a moment of vulnerability just hours before his enlistment. He stated he could not find the words to express everything he wanted to say to ARMY.

He expressed his gratitude for being part of BTS for the past 10 years and emphasized the end of something, it’s just the beginning of something brand new. Also, he trusts, that after all this new chapter in his life passes, good things will be waiting for everyone.

Despite being one of the last four members of the group to enlist in the military, he took courage from his fellow members to do an exceptional job. RM also expressed he is scared and fearful but also faithful in the next 18 months of military service, and he is going to go through it all due to ARMY’s love.

The South Korean rapper also expressed there are times when he feels lonely and melancholic, but he is full of love because of his amazing fans, and he expects to be the same kind of presence for all of them.

BTS’ RM ended this heartfelt letter by expressing he hopes they are going to be filled with their feelings without any distance between him and the ARMY, this is just a goodbye for a little while they meet each other again in the future.