BTS’ RM sends ARMY a touching new letter from military service

BTS’ RM sends ARMY a touching new letter from military service

In recent hours, BTS fans received an exciting gift from RM, who sent ARMY a touching new letter from military service wishing them a Happy Lunar New Year with heartbreaking words that make all his fans miss him more.

It has been a while since we have received any updates from BTS members, and for that reason, many fans have been impatiently waiting for them. However, this is not easy for them, as they’re working on adapting to their new life as soldiers, as RM said in the statement.

RM started his statement by waving fans and asking how they were doing, and continued by revealing, “Since joining the troop I belong to, I have been spending my time adjusting well to it“, as the last time we saw him, he had finished his military basic training.

He added that he has eaten rice cake soup and is relaxing due to the South Korean festivities: “Since it’s New Year’s Day, I’m taking a break and having a good time” said the K-Pop artist.

RM also saddened his fans a bit by highlighting the time left until their next reunion: “I have to spend another New Year’s Day before I can meet you all“, but he assured them that he will do his best and will take that experience to learn as much as he can.

Finally, the beloved rapper asked their fans to stay healthy every time and added, “I hope there are way more good things than bad things too“, wishing them good wishes. Leaving ARMY so happy for the update and sad for long wait that left to see him.