BTS’ RM reveals that BBMAs treated BTS Differently because of their fans

BTS’ RM reveals that BBMAs treated BTS Differently because of their fans

BTS has earned respect and success in the United States because of their talent and great performance skills. They have been nominated to the Grammys and Billboard Music awards a couple of times, however, BTS’ RM revealed they have received different treatment from the BBMAs.

A new interview of BTS has been released, despite it being recorded in 2021, six out of seven members of BTS reflected on their past to talk about their success and the journey to reach it. They started with their first appearance in the United States at the BBMAs in 2017.

One of the biggest inflection points in BTS’ career was to win the Top Social Artist Award during the BBMAs, as they set a one-in-a-million record for the Asian acts. However, RM confessed after they stepped onto the magenta carpet, they were immediately greeted by numerous fans waiting for them.

This particular fact was enough for BBMAs to treat them carefully and even better than other acts, because of the euphoria of their arrival to the magenta carpet. The idol also stated they were really scared because it was their first event but their fans, better known as ARMY, made them feel right at home.

ARMY had such a great influence on how BTS was treated that night by the interviewers, host, and the BBMA staff. Even, numerous celebrities who didn’t know much about them approached them for pictures because of the excitement of ARMY. This was one of the first steps to becoming the streaming giants they currently are in the United States.