BTS’ RM makes the ARMY excited after showing his love for band member Jimin

BTS’ RM makes the ARMY excited after showing his love for band member Jimin

Recently, two members of the juggernaut BTS group, RM and Jimin, have set the trends on social media. The two talented idols had a short interaction on platforms, which made their fans (known as ARMY) super excited, because they loved how both RM and Jimin treated each other. 

In the morning of August 30, BTS’ leader RM shared his sweet feelings toward Jimin during his live stream on the South Korean platform, Weverse. The rapper said some beautiful words to his fellow bad member and fans did not let this moment slip, so they quickly made this moment a trending topic.

It all started when Jimin posted a picture that showed a stop sign with RM’s face on it. He captioned this photos saying, “Huh? Hyung, you were here?” And then “Seeing you once again,” for another post. As a response, Namjoon (RM’s real name) said that he had already seen these messages and told fans that Jimin was very cute:

“Yeah, I watched Jimin’s IG story too. He’s like the cutest, he’s like the cutest living thing, you know, in this whole world.”

Check out the posts made by Jimin here:

Moreover, RM took his live stream to address the comments about him being Islamophobic and told the fans to “trust” he was not like that and that he respected all religions. In spite of this issue, fans got very excited because it has been a long time since they last saw these two massive idols together, as all the BTS members are focused on their solo projects and some others are serving in the military.

Take a look at RM’s reaction here: