BTS’ RM makes it clear that he wants a girlfriend and asks for help to get one

BTS’ RM makes it clear that he wants a girlfriend and asks for help to get one

In recent days, the leader of the famous boy group BTS, RM, has caught the attention of many of his fans by speaking for the first time about having a girlfriend, and the K-Pop singer has expressed his desire to be in a loving relationship, moving his fans.

During a live broadcast on the Weverse platform that the idol made in on October 10th, he was questioned by his fans about various details of his life, however the most striking was his sentimental status, due to a fan who asked him to introduce his girlfriend in the interaction.

This request must have really touched the idol who began to tell his ARMY present in the live that although he wanted to be in a relationship and introduce this person to his fans, he does not have a girlfriend, and he even took them by surprise by asking for help in finding a partner.

He said the following: “I really want a girlfriend, but I don’t have one right now. Can you introduce me to one?“, a fact that made many of his fans excited as they felt the possibility of becoming RM’s girlfriend since with this he made it clear that he is in search of love.

On the other hand, the leader of the boygroup has already signed his renewal contract with his agency BIGHIT Music along with the rest of its members, which confirms that the septet will comeback as a group after finishing their mandatory military service.

Due to RM released his solo debut several months ago, it is expected that he will announce his military enlistment soon, which means that fans are already prepared for this to happen, just as the agency announced; all the boys will be presenting their military service before 2024 begins.

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