BTS’ RM makes everyone laugh as he imitates V’s gestures

BTS’ RM makes everyone laugh as he imitates V’s gestures

BTS’ has been one of the most popular groups of all time in the Kpop scene as they have captivated their fans, and the general public over the years. The boys entered a hiatus because of the enlistment into the army of some members, and finally, all the remaining members followed those steps.

On December 5, RM, V, Jungkook, and Jimin made a surprise live stream on Weverse before their enlistment schedule for December 11 and 12. This broadcast was pretty special because the idols opened up about their upcoming challenges in the army and some personal goals.

During the live stream, V started speaking animatedly with huge gestures, and everyone in the room quickly noticed him. Jimin and Jungkook were caught giggling as RM started to imitate V’s gestures.

Those adorable reactions were noticed by V and they all started laughing. The chaos kept going as Jimin started coughing because he choked on his food from laughing so much at RM’s imitations. The room was full of joy and laughter because of this beautiful interaction between the idols.

The video quickly became viral on “X” (Formerly known as Twitter) because this interaction was otherworldly, as BTS’ fans, describe it. This livestream just proves they are best friends no matter what, and they are going to stay together until the very end.