BTS’ Jungkook is named the best male vocalist in Japan

BTS’ Jungkook is named the best male vocalist in Japan

BTS Jungkook graced the Kpop scene with the release of his acclaimed debut album, “GOLDEN” in November 2023. After teasing what was going to be the essence of the album, he was consecrated as one of the best artists in the world and Japan is fully aware of it. The idol was named “Best Male Vocalist” according to a poll in the country.

The Golden Maknae has had a great impact on the Japanese people because of his fascinating performing skills and charisma on the stage. Numerous fans, better known as ARMY, also stated that Jungkook can fully rely on his voice, and “Shot Glass of Tears” is the living proof of it.

The poll conducted by a famous Japanese website put Jungkook’s name on top of it. The website recognizes the idol’s wide vocal range and emotive delivery as an instrument that resonates with his music. In addition, Jungkook’s perfect pitch easily made him climb on everyone’s playlist and subsequently, in the poll.

ARMY around the world celebrated this amazing feat and it became another feather in BTS’ Jungkook’s cap. They couldn’t be more proud of what the idol has achieved over all these years, along with Jungkook, the rest of the list of “Best Male Vocalists” is shown below:

  1. Jungkook.
  2. Dokyeom.
  3. Chen.
  4. Seungkwan.
  5. Baekhyun.
  6. Yesung.
  7. D.O.
  8. Jimin.
  9. Heeseung.
  10. Woozi.