BTS’ Jungkook in danger of facing plagiarism lawsuit for his song ‘SEVEN’

BTS’ Jungkook in danger of facing plagiarism lawsuit for his song ‘SEVEN’

Since the successful release of the long-awaited solo debut of Jungkook, a member of BTS, which led him to be one of the most listened to singers of the moment, breaking records and attracting the attention of many followers, however in recent days he has been involved in a big problem.

After several days of being accused of plagiarizing for his recent project ‘SEVEN‘, the idol received a lawsuit for the melody he uses in his hit song, which apparently would be the same one used in the song ‘Time of Mask‘ of the group Fin.KL, which could cause big problems for the K-Pop artist’s career.

The person who has carried out all the accusations and the legal demand against the BTS member has been the producer Yang Joon Young, who worked making of the song ‘Time of Mask’ together with the K-Pop female group.

The main accusation that the producer and plaintiff makes towards Jungkook is that the rhythms of both songs are completely the same, in addition to the fact that BTS’ Golden Maknae had taken them and used them in his song ‘SEVEN’ without the permission of the group.

According to reports from ‘Ten Asia‘, the legal process could proceed in the coming weeks, however there is a slight delay on the part of the agency behind Jungkook, HYBE, because its president Bang Si Hyuk is abroad solving the problem.