BTS’ Jungkook draws attention again for the way he treats his fans

BTS’ Jungkook draws attention again for the way he treats his fans

Jungkook from the boy group BTS is known for his charisma with the group of fans of him who follow and support him in all projects. On October 13th, a publication titled “Jungkook from BTS with a fan on the way home” was published. It didn’t take long for it to went viral on the internet do to his cute action.

The publication contained many videos that showed Jungkook leaving an engagement and when he was in the vehicle, he interacted with the fans, greeting them a little and giving them a beautiful smile as usual, but that was not what revolutionized the networks the most.

With the car moving, the idol notices that in the crowd there was a fan who was making a gesture of a half heart, for his part the singer waits to be close enough and when he was right in front, he completes with his own hands the heart that the follower was making.

It was a very adorable gesture that was recorded, achieving a perfect image and once demonstrating that Jungkook is very generous and grateful to the people who follow him, the networks collapsed with many messages regarding the act that this member of the Kpop group BTS had.

This is seriously crazy, ᅲᅲ“, “I’m so f@cking jealous“, “I can’t stand jealousy“, “—This is Jungkook’s truth, ᅲᅲ. I’m only going to give you love Jungkook“, “Crazy. I’m going crazy with jealousy“, “He’s so cute“, are some of the comments from fans.

The praise was immediate, and highlighted the willingness of this artist to please his fans. After that, Jungkook announced that he would hold a fan exhibition at the Jangchung Municipal Stadium, in order to better interact with the ARMY.

What do you think of this cute interaction of BTS’ Jungkook with a fan?