BTS’ Jungkook celebrate Jimin’s birthday and showed their close relationship

BTS’ Jungkook celebrate Jimin’s birthday and showed their close relationship

BTSJungkook became widely popular worldwide since his debut with BTS in 2013 and gained a lot of attention since he also debuted as a soloist artist this year with “Seven” and “3D.” The idol also has always been known because of his adorable friendship with his bandmate, Jimin.

On October 13 two magical events for BTS fans, better known as the ARMY, happened, one of them is Jimin’s birthday who is turning 28 today. Also, as part of Jungkook’s debut album, “GOLDEN” the Golden Maknae was set to record one performance at Music Bank.

In addition to this phenomenal news, Jungkook revealed to fans what he was going to do to celebrate Jimin’s birthday. The South Korean media outlets caught the idol arriving and leaving the Music Bank studio, where he had some beautiful interactions with the ARMY that became viral.

Numerous fans stated through anecdotes that Jungkook addressed Jimin’s birthday telling “It’s Jimin Hyung’s birthday. I’m going to send him a text at 10:13.” which was a clear reference to Jimin’s birthday and the members themselves referred to this time as “Jimin O’Clock”

This special intention to the Golden Maknae marks one of numerous moments with Jimin because they have shared a close friendship since they along with V are the youngest in the band and this has made a strong bond that has been sealed with special moments like this every year.

Jungkook has always found a way to make feel everyone special, while we wait for another special surprise from BTS members towards Jimin. You can watch Jungkook’s performance at Music Bank below:

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