BTS’ Jungkook breaks down and calls out his fans’ obsessive behaviour

BTS’ Jungkook breaks down and calls out his fans’ obsessive behaviour

BTSJungkook has always been widely popular because of his charisma and nice attitude towards everybody. However, there are times he has to stand up for himself and be harsh towards those people who harass him in his own home.

On December 8, the Golden Maknae started a live broadcast on Weverse to interact with his fans, better known as ARMY. The idol had unpleasant moments during his chat, but he was fearless in addressing them. Jungkook called out “sasaeng” fans, which means those fans who are obsessed with celebrities to the point of stalking them and invading their privacy.

During the last couple of years, Jungkook has had to face encounters with stalkers and people who represent direct harm to the idol. Despite the fact that he never addressed it, he was ready to speak up. Jungkook politely requested fans not to follow him to his private schedules or wait for him at places like the gym or his own home.

He started by saying he doesn’t want people to send delivery food to his house because he is not going to eat it anyway. He emphasizes he’s thankful, but he can eat well on his very own. He continued by begging them they need to take care of themselves and if this action persists he is going to take action.

Undoubtedly, BTS’ Jungkook has had enough of fans trying to sneak up into his private life and private routine, even he calls those “sasaengs” bastards because he needs them to stop. ARMY highlighted besides him being an idol, he is a human being, and he deserves respect as everyone else.