BTS’ Jungkook and the secret message in his new track ‘3D’ ft Jack Harlow

BTS’ Jungkook and the secret message in his new track ‘3D’ ft Jack Harlow

The BTS idol gave a secret message in his new song with Jack Harlow and of course his fans are really delighted as JK is finally talking about his feelings honestly. ‘3D‘ has taken the Internet by storm as it managed to be a hit in a short time of release.

In addition to being extremely viral, the track also has a hidden message that ARMY was quick to decipher, and that is that it is a representation of Jungkook and Jack Harlow’s liberal personality. And it is that a specific part of the lyrics leaves it all to the imagination.

Jungkook’s second solo single, ‘3D’ (featuring Jack Harlow) is an R&B pop song with intelligent expressions of feelings towards an unattainable person from the perspectives of the first, second and third dimensions. Get ready to meet an even more mature side of Jungkook after ‘Seven (featuring Latto),” expressed Big Hit.

The hidden message Jungkook gave in 3D is nothing more and nothing less than his desire to be himself without having to be forced to explain himself to others for his actions, as in one verse the Golden Maknae freely expresses his desire to be with a girl without hiding anything.

In addition, the boy also expresses in the lyric that he should not put pretexts around him to want to love and of course, without anyone telling him what to do with the decisions he makes regarding his personal life, this is the part of the song:

‘Cause you know how I like it, girl (girl)
You know how I like it, girl (girl)

Body to body, to body, to body, to body
You and me, baby, you know that we got it
So don’t go gettin’ me started
‘Cause you know I get hot-hearted

Baby, oh, baby, oh, baby, you makin’ me crazy
Rain, rain, rain, you can’t fake it
You give me brand new emotion
You got me drinkin’ that potion

Of course, this is a hidden message from Jungkook where he freely expresses his sexual desire. As we all know, Kpop idols find it difficult to freely express their relationships because some of the fans are very toxic and believe that they should only serve their fans.

Therefore, ARMY now applauds Jungkook’s freedom to express his desires without being accountable to anyone, leaving secret messages, enjoying his youth and exploring a more mature side as he showed in ‘3D’ ft Jack Harlow.

정국 (Jung Kook) '3D (feat. Jack Harlow)' Official Live Performance Video