BTS’ Jungkook and his new pictures scandalizing the Internet

BTS’ Jungkook and his new pictures scandalizing the Internet

The famous BTS singer has broken the internet again, and the fandom he has behind him is so loyal that he would never leave it alone.

Recently, pictures of one of the most famous members of BTS were made public, making the whole army scandalized and wasted no time in commenting and sharing them on all available social networks.

BTS’s Jungkook and his new pictures scandalizing the Internet

HYBE released new promotional images of Jungkook’s debut solo album called “Golden,” which will be released on all music consumption formats on November 3.

The pictures have caught the attention and shocked all Internet users, making the famous singer quickly became a global trend, with the remarkable liberal message that these images so left about this new artistic facet of Golden Maknae, but at the same time, he has shown that he also dominates this era and proves it to us musically.

Through social networks, the army has not been able to hide the great love they have for the artist, making the photos quickly went viral.

The singer has set the networks ablaze and they can’t stop commenting

The album “Golden” is expected to break sales records in South Korea and around the world. Expectations for this album material are very high because Jungkook is a star with a huge impact on social media, which could result in a huge success for the recording. It repeats the success of his lead single “Seven,” which even returned to the top spot on Spotify Global three months after its release.