BTS’ Jungkook almost didn’t plan on releasing a solo album

BTS’ Jungkook almost didn’t plan on releasing a solo album

BTSJungkook has shown great versatility and talent in the K-pop scene, solidified him as one of the greatest idols. His prominent career has had some mishaps along the way, which were revealed by Bang Si Hyuk about Jungkook’s insecurities in his solo career.

Jungkook announced his new debut album, “GOLDEN” and his fans, better known as the ARMY couldn’t contain their excitement. However, they were completely shocked about the fact that he almost didn’t release his album.

Jungkook’s label, HYBE’s founder, Si Hyuk made some controversial declarations about the idol. He stated Jungkook wasn’t sure about releasing a solo album, but someone helped make it a reality.

Bang Si Hyuk’s honesty trespassed the line and commented that if it wasn’t for Scooter Braun, the album might not have happened. He pointed out that a meal with Scooter Braun started the path for this album.

I cannot help but say that Scooter’s contribution was extremely significant. One day, over a meal, Scooter brought a song and really wanted Jungkook to sing the song. As soon as I heard it, I knew the song would be a great hit no matter what.”

Scooter Braun collected other songs to be included in Jungkook’s album, along with his hit single “3D.” The ARMY split over the ones who supported Scooter Braun and those who didn’t because of what happened with Taylor Swift’s masters and other artists.

Jungkook’s new album, “GOLDEN” is set to be premiered on November 3 which caused a furor among the ARMY who stated they cannot wait until what’s in store and whether Scooter Braun’s involvement is worth it or not.

You can watch Jungkook’s latest release, “3D” below:

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