BTS’ Jungkook achieves a new record on UK’s Official Singles Chart

BTS’ Jungkook achieves a new record on UK’s Official Singles Chart

BTS’ Jungkook has been widely popular in the last couple of months since he started his solo career because of BTS’ hiatus. The idol’s career met instant success after he released the first two singles from his upcoming album, “Golden” and the Kid LAROI’s track, “Too Much,” which already made Jungkook achieve a new record on the UK’s Official Singles Chart.

The Golden Maknae keeps writing history with the first chapters of his solo career. The unprecedented success of his singles has become the talk of the town. On October 27, the UK Official Charts announced that the Kid LAROI’s “Too Much” featuring Jungkook and Central Cee debuted at No. 10 on its Official Singles Charts.

This amazing entry consecrates Jungkook as the first Korean solo act in history to land three different songs in the top 10. The new record was achieved in the span of just three months and his fans, better known as the ARMY, stated it was phenomenal for his career. The other two tracks, “Seven” and “3D” debuted at No.3 and No. 5 respectively.

Jungkook has demonstrated his great influence not only in the South Korean Market but globally, particularly in the U.K. and the U.S., which greatly received the Golden Maknae as one of the most popular idols to date. In order to celebrate Jungkook’s new record, you can enjoy and watch, the “3D” performance at “Music Bank” while we wait for his debut album, “GOLDEN” which premieres on November 3, KST.

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