BTS’ Jungkook accidentally exposed V’s TikTok account

BTS’ Jungkook accidentally exposed V’s TikTok account

BTSJungkook has always been known because he has not been the best at managing his social media accounts. The idol kept his TikTok account a secret until he exposed his own account after sharing a video of ENHYPEN dancing to his hit single, “Seven” and this time was no exception after he accidentally exposed V’s

Since the Golden Maknae’s TikTok account became of public interest, he started interacting with his fans, better known as the ARMY, by liking their comments on his videos. He started being more careful with his actions until now.

Jungkook started to follow a TikTok account called @hennsun0hv which he quickly unfollowed, but it was too late because the ARMY noticed and checked the user’s account. The army started speculating this might be BTS’ V and went crazy about it, creating endless theories that make a whole total sense.

ARMY’s proofs

The user’s bio is just a saxophone emoji which represents the instrument that V plays and the name displayed on the account is meant to be V in Hangul. The account only follows, Jungkook, TikTok Korea, Spotify Philippines, Cartier, and BTS.

Something that caught the ARMY’s attention was the profile picture, which has a strong resemblance to V in a particular angle that might indicate is actually him. The TikTok account likes are public, and it reinforces the theory. It mainly consists of dance covers of V’s single, “Slow Dancing” and Jungkook’s TikToks with SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu.

The ARMY truly believes Jungkook messed up and revealed V’s account because there are too many coincidences that match V’s personality and likes. Since the ARMY is convinced the mysterious account is Taehyung, the account’s followers increased exponentially, already surpassing 1.3 Million followers on the platform.