BTS’ Jimin takes ARMY by surprise appearing in V’s solo fanmeeting

BTS’ Jimin takes ARMY by surprise appearing in V’s solo fanmeeting

This October 14th, fans received a big surprise from Jimin, from the boy group BTS, when he made a special appearance at the long-awaited fanmeeting of his partner V titled ‘(V)ICNIC‘, where he carried out several activities and spent a great time with the idol and the ARMYs present at the event.

Although this was a solo event for BTS member V, who is promoting his solo album ‘Layover‘ during the group’s temporary hiatus, he invited his partner to make it even more special. At this, Jimin said that he was very grateful, and that when he was invited he was not entirely sure, however he added “I came running right away“.

During this fun event, the members carried out some activities, including some for which they needed the support of the public, such as the called ‘Street ARMY Fighter’, where they danced and fought with the K-Pop idols. In addition, the members also gave a short dance performance to BTS’ ‘GO GO‘.

The boys also played ping pong on stage, alongside a striking fan who attend to the event dressed as Bart from ‘The Simpsons’, a scene that many would not expect to see. V and Jimin also performed their subunit song titled ‘Friends‘ together in front of the fans present.

On the other hand, V also asked the ARMY to sing happy birthday to Jimin, who turned 28 the previous day, October 13th. But it’s not over yet, since the singer also announced that he would release a new song with his partner Jimin in the near future, leaving everyone looking forward to a new musical project.

Finally, both South Koreans took photos with their fans and V said goodbye with a heart pose, making all the fans fall in love with the beautiful friendship they maintain, and that despite the group’s hiatus they remain inseparable.

What do you think of this charming interaction between Jimin and V from BTS in the recent fanmeeting?