BTS’ Jimin surprises ARMY by debuting a blonde look in a new dance video

BTS’ Jimin surprises ARMY by debuting a blonde look in a new dance video

The Korean singer Jimin, a member of the K-Pop group BTS, made a surprising revelation through his official Instagram account that left his followers excited and captivated. The idol published a normal dance video, but there was an unexpected detail that the ARMYs immediately noticed.

Jimin has a new look! In his last post, you can see that under the hat he is wearing, his hair looks a different color, which means that another member of BTS turned blonde, generating a large number of reactions, mostly positive, since without a doubt it is a color that suits him very well.

This change can mean many things; it could be the beginning of a new stage in the Korean singer’s career, it could just be a change to feel better, or it could be that a new project is coming. The ARMYs are more inclined to the last theory since he was seen using the hashtag #ThisIsJimin.

It wouldn’t be the first time we saw him tag #ThisIsJimin in a post, so followers assume that there is an intention behind it. The phrase was also highlighted during Jimin’s interview and photoshoot on October 18th for GQ Korea, which means that there is something else behind this change.

But this is not all, because on October 23rd is the launch of a new, more intimate and personal vision, a documentary that will allow you to learn a little more about the idol’s creative process, giving fans a VIP seat to closely follow the development of his solo project.

With this production, you will have the opportunity to see each step that was taken for the creation of his solo album titled ‘FACE‘, providing a more immersive perspective and observing Jimin’s commitment, dedication, talent, and creativity like never before.

And what do you think of Jimin’s new blonde look?