BTS’ Jimin shares the secret of his success with the K-Pop group

BTS’ Jimin shares the secret of his success with the K-Pop group

Jimin, a member of the K-Pop group BTS, shared in an interview for GQ Korea the reason that has allowed them the success they currently have as part of this boyband that has become one of the most acclaimed acts of this genre.

According to what Jimin stated, there are many obstacles that they have had to go through to get to where they are; one of those is the language, but they were able to overcome this barrier thanks to the support given to them by their followers, the baptized ARMYs, who have not abandoned them during this long road.

The Korean singer explained that on some occasions they have lost their way and have had conflicts like any family, but they have moved forward because they support each other in every possible way, taking pride in group and individual successes and accompanying each other in the worst moments.

The ARMY was surprised when Jimin expressed, “The happiness, the sadness, the pain, the pleasure, and the love that we’ve felt along the way; we’ve been honest about it. I think many people can understand these emotions. So in the end, it is that type of communication that fills my heart“.

The idol received many positive messages after that interview, where he explained that the group’s followers have been a fundamental part of BTS’ success since, without their support, they would not have been able to continue this long path, which has had beautiful moments and also difficult ones.

Jimin made thousands of people understand that the love that their followers give them is what drives them to success and that it was they who showed the group that it doesn’t matter what your language is; when you speak from the heart, everyone knows it. That is why they will always be grateful to their faithful ARMYs.