BTS’ Jimin poses for the cover of ELLE Korea and talks about his upcoming musical projects

BTS’ Jimin poses for the cover of ELLE Korea and talks about his upcoming musical projects

The emblematic ELLE magazine will celebrate its 31st anniversary with a special edition in collaboration with Jimin from BTS, who has left his mark as a pop culture and fashion icon, who also demostrates his glamor by wearing pieces from Tiffany’s high jewelry collection.

Elegance and professionalism were present during this photoshoot between the idol and the prestigious magazine known worldwide, thus achieving wonderful results, being able to say that he has a true talent to be a model, since without a doubt; “the camera loves him“.

Jimin took time for an interview where he talked about his projects as a soloist and ambassador, where they asked him how he managed his busy schedule, to which he responded; “I realized how shy I am. It also opened my eyes in terms of how much more I need to grow up. To approach things with confidence, preparation is the key“.

The idol also talked about his aspirations and his musical preparation, he said; “I’m constantly working on music as always. I also want to challenge myself by exploring various genres“, this means that he doesn’t want to be just a pop singer, but a more versatile artist in the industry.

Through a live broadcast, he shared that in his first solo experience he did not want to disappoint, so he said; “I want to show that I can do it well. Expect great things, because I am going to become a very good singer“, showing that he is very focused on his career.

In addition, the BTS member showed gratitude to the fans when talking about his birthday, he said that; “I really don’t need to do anything special just because it’s my birthday. It’s the fans who always make this day special for me. I’m always grateful“.