BTS’ Jimin made a generous donation to his alma mater

BTS’ Jimin made a generous donation to his alma mater

BTS’ Jimin has always been one of the most beloved members of the group for his giant heart and charisma towards anyone. This time around it was no exception after South Korean media outlets highlighted that Jimin made a generous donation towards his alma mater juniors.

The Busan Ilbo reported that in August, Jimin donated 30 million South Korean Wons ($22,136 dollars) as part of a scholarship fund for aspiring students in Busan Arts High School.

This amazing donation will support 28 students who have excelled in various artistic fields such as fine arts, dance, and music in order to promote their studies. Jimin’s intention is to cover expenses such as lessons and attire purchases.

This is not the first that Jimin has shown his philanthropic side since he has been discreetly aiding his juniors since 2019. He made a marvelous collective donation of 160 million South Korean won (118,057 million dollars) in order to ensure that all students have an equal education and help the students’ dreams become true.

Jimin has always shown the best side of him because he is well known for contributing to different community service activities such as fostering healthy independence in children under protective custody and enhancing living conditions for children during the post-COVID-19 time.

BTS’ Jimin is one in a million just because he is seeking for everyone’s health and equality. These special activities have consecrated as one of the most beloved and light-hearted idols in the K-pop scene.