BTS’ Jimin gets emotional as he shows ARMY his shaved head

BTS’ Jimin gets emotional as he shows ARMY his shaved head

On December 11th, Jimin of the boy group BTS shocked ARMYs by appearing emotional while revealing his shaved head in the middle of a live broadcast, where he would farewell to his fans to attend the military service the next day.

Even before entering the live broadcast via the Weverse platform, the BTS member warned the ARMYs with a thumbnail of a photo of his shadow exposing his shaved head; however, he started the interaction with a cap to increase the uncertainty.

Despite his great intention to share this experience with the ARMYs, the idol looked very shy and insecure about showing off his new look, touching all the viewers with his emotional reaction as he took off his cap and revealed the beginning of a new stage.

It is evident how hard it was for him to show it, so the fans are grateful for his tender act of confidence, as well as showering him with sincere praise for how handsome this radical new haircut makes him look.

In the midst of the emotions, the idol took his shaved head and covered his face in a tender and embarrassed way, as well as putting on and taking off his cap several times, finally ending with a bow, showing his fans how much he cares about their relationship.