BTS’ Jimin apologizes after losing valuable gift from members before their debut

BTS’ Jimin apologizes after losing valuable gift from members before their debut

On October 12th, Weverse magazine shared an interview with Jimin from BTS, where he was asked a series of questions, one of them was about his “most memorable birthday“, to which he responded with an emotional story about his group, highlighting that they are more than colleagues, they are family.

Jimin shared a birthday that he remembers with great affection, when they were all still trainees and long before the group made their official debut, explaining that he had always maintained a good relationship with his friends, even before knowing if he would really debut with the group K-Pop BTS.

He also revealed that at that moment all his friends gathered money to be able to give him a bracelet on his special day, that was a very significant gesture for Jimin so he treasured that gift for many years, even after his debut he still kept the prized accessory that they gave him.

The ‘Like Crazy‘ singer made a very surprising revelation by saying in the interview “but I lost it“. He explained that it had disappeared, and with an adorable smile he apologized to his fellow group members, which only made the moment much more adorable, and made it clear that he still remembers it despite not having it.

Internet users are very surprised and moved by everything Jimin said, and they never imagined that this event would have happened. Also, knowing that since the beginning everyone has been very united is very emotional.

However, the public also identified with the idol, since we all have lost something significant at some point. Some also highlighted that the real gift is not the bracelet, but the friendship that they have maintained since before knowing the official lineup of the group, until today.

What do you think of this story of Jimin’s friendship with BTS members and his significant lost bracelet?