BTS fans go wild after Jungkook was spotted smoking in the US

BTS fans go wild after Jungkook was spotted smoking in the US

Jungkook of BTS is currently promoting his latest solo project, “Seven.” The song has enjoyed success both in his home market and internationally, earning number ones across streaming platforms and official charts. However, this time Jungkook is in the eye of the media for other reasons.

As his fans, the ARMY, already know, Jungkook was caught red-handed having a little cigarette outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. The moment was capture in picture, and it has subsequently caused a some madness across social media platforms. The most notable comments, though, were the playful reactions of Jungkook’s fans.

The ARMY was far from expressing anger or disappointment, they actually got creative and left their imaginations run wild. As the pictures and short videos of the BTS member spread on social media, they started crafting cheeky comments inspired by the photos. “How I wish I was the cigarette,” one comment read or “Smoking Jungkook is the most attractive and hot thing,” said another post. These are just a few of the many comments that started going viral on X, formerly known as Twitter.

While some people pointed fingers at the singer, saying this behavior is not appropriate for a global icon like him, the vast majority of the ARMY fandom took the moment with humor, fun and even made some sexy cheeky comments at the idol’s smoking.

After all, Jungkook is a 26-year-old adult, and this is nothing strange for people his age. Also, given the demanding schedules and stress idols often go through, it’s simply normal for him to take a moment to relax and enjoy some free time with friends away from the spotlight.