BTS, EXO, TWICE & more are the top 10 streamed artists on MelOn

BTS, EXO, TWICE & more are the top 10 streamed artists on MelOn

Have you ever wondered what’s the hottest Kpop music on streaming platforms in South Korea? Well, this is your lucky day because MelOn spilled that flipping hot tea on their top 10 most streamed artists of all time, as of October 9, 2023.

Now, some context: MelOn is a South Korean online music store and streaming service that’s been around since 2004. Not only that, but it is also the most popular music app in the kimchi country, with over 28 MILLION active users listening to some serious bops!

The platform recently revealed through the certified account “Korean Sales” who their ten most popular artists are, and the results are jaw-dropping. We have global Kpop juggernauts ranging from BTS to TWICE, but there’s also space for some artists that are the talk of the town locally, such as Lim Young Woong or BOL4. Now, we’re going to be revisiting the bops of the top 3 artists, and we’ll spill the tea on the numbers each one got in the top 10.

Let’s dive into it:

  • 1. BTS – 12.8 billion streams: our Bangtan boys got first place on the platform with a crazy streams number – as they should. As if this wasn’t enough, they also hold some impressive digits in other categories. For example, “Dynamite” is the second song with the most weeks at number one on the MelOn charts, hitting that spot for 11 weeks. Then, “Ditto” by NewJeans took the crown, and it is still undefeated as the song with most weeks at the top spot. Also, “Spring Day” is the most streamed song on the platform.
BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' Official MV
  •  2. Lim Young Woong – 8.4 billion streams: this 32-year-old legendary vocalist is placed as the second most streaming artist. Now get this fact: he is the most streamed artist on the platform and his biggest hit in its chart is “Trust in Me,” which spent 183 weeks on the chart! If you love powerhouse vocalists and ballads, then Lim Young Woong is right up your alley.
[MV] Lim Young Woong(임영웅) _ Trust in Me(이제 나만 믿어요) (Piano by Cho Youngsoo(조영수))
  • 3. EXO – 8.3 billion streams: the EXO kings got the third spot on the MelOn list – and for a good reason. 8.3 billion streams is something to brag about, to be completely honest. Also, they are the only SM Entertainment group to be on the list, so that’s some good representation right there.

Here’s the full list:

Let us know your faves!