BTS, BLACKPINK, NewJeans & more Kpop groups making moves in the brand reputation rankings

BTS, BLACKPINK, NewJeans & more Kpop groups making moves in the brand reputation rankings

Hold on to your light sticks, Kpop stans! BTS, BLACKPINK, NewJeans and more fab groups are in the line-up for the much-anticipated brand reputation rankings. The Korean Business Research Institute spilled the beans on the names in this chart, and the results have us completely shook! To crunch the numbers, the institute took into consideration: consumer participation, communication, and media coverage of over 30 South Korean music groups.

All these deets were put together from September 17 to October 17, which means we got a month of Kpop activity these detectives kept track of. Unsurprisingly, the strongest (or most popular groups) both in South Korea and internationally got the first spots. Now, get these facts: The ranking is mostly dominated by gen 3 kpop groups, but there is also space for some new heads of the 4th gen – and we’re loving those vibes!

So who’s dominating the ranking?

  • 1. BTS: they snag the top stop (surprise, surprise!) with a whopping brand reputation index of 6,280,605. This comes as great news, since our BTS boys haven’t been active as a group. In fact, most of the keywords for this global sensation include Jungkook, Jimin, and V, who of course have been making major moves with their solo music.
  • 2. BLACKPINK: this girl gang is in our area, securing the second place. Their brand reputation index is 4,917,759 points. Why? Well, they’ve been generating a massive buzz with their tour, their solo songs, and also the mystery surrounding their contract renewal.
  • 3. NewJeans: these 4 gen princesses slayed the third spot. The reasons? Well, their second EP has been a total smash hit, and don’t get us started with “Super Shy,” that track is a total bop! The girls were able to gather 4,721,727 points – and rightfully so!

Curious about the rest of the list? Here are all the names:

  1. BTS
  3. NewJeans.
  4. IVE.
  6. TXT.
  7. EXO.
  8. TWICE.
  9. Stray Kids.
  10. NMIXX.
BTS (방탄소년단) 'Butter' @ The 64th GRAMMY Awards