BTS, BLACKPINK and NewJeans are the most streamed Kpop artist this year

BTS, BLACKPINK and NewJeans are the most streamed Kpop artist this year

Alright, Kpop lovers, get in line! Spotify is wrapping up the music year, and that includes giving Kpop its own “Wrapped” statistics and numbers for fans to see. The Swedish streaming platform has just spilled the top artists and songs that defined Kpop as a genre! The results just go to prove how this music style has reached a worldwide appeal, and here are the deets of it all.

First, the got the “Global Top K-Pop Artists of 2023,” which sees the BTS kings taking the crown at the number one spot. This comes as a surprise since the boy band hasn’t been active and most of its members have been busy with their solo activities or completing their military duties. Then, we’ve got BLACKPINK in second place as the most streamed girl band. After that, Jungkook was the only solo act in the top 5, at number 3. Then, rookie group NewJeans got the number 4 spot, and Stray Kids sat at number 5. Now, what about the “Global Top K-Pop Songs of the Year“? In the first place, we got Jungkook and his hgit “Seven.” On the number two spot there’s FIFTY FIFTY and their bop “Cupid.” After that, Jimin secures the third place with “Like Crazy,” and NewJeans rock the third and fourth spot thanks to “OMG” and “Ditto,” respectively.

Check the top 10 here:

Global Top K-Pop Artists of 2023

1. BTS.
3. Jungkook.
4. NewJeans.
5. Stray Kids.
6. Jimin.
8. Seventeen.
9). TXT.

Global Top K-Pop Songs of the Year

1. Jungkook – “Seven.”
2. FIFTY FIFTY – “Cupid.”
3. Jimin – “Like Crazy.”
4. NewJeans – “OMG.”
5. NewJeans – “Ditto.”
6. NewJeans – “Super Shy.”
7. Lisa – “Money.”
8. Jisoo – “Flower.”
9. BLACKPINK – “Shut Down.”
10. NewJeans – “Hype Boy.”