BOYNEXTDOOR’s music agency, KOZ Entertainment apologizes for airport incident

BOYNEXTDOOR’s music agency, KOZ Entertainment apologizes for airport incident

BOYNEXTDOOR became a trending topic on social media and online forums for all the wrong reasons, the boys were heading into the airport to fulfill their idols’ schedule when one of their bodyguards pushed so hard a fan who fell to the floor.

The uncomfortable scene quickly became viral and the K-Netizens split, some of them believed this was just a preventive measure to protect the idols, while others thought this is just abusive. The controversy soared to new heights, as BOYNEXTDOOR’s music agency, KOZ Entertainment, had to address the situation.

On December 19, the agency published a short statement to apologize due to the inappropriate actions of the bodyguard who was performing security duties to the boy band at the Qingdao airport. In addition, they wanted to apologize to the fan who was directly harmed during the incident and promised they are doing everything possible to never contract the same security personnel to BOYNEXTDOOR.

KOZ Entertainment ended their statement by making everyone knows they are giving guidance and education to the security personnel to prevent this kind of situations ever happen again. There’s no doubt the music agency wants to protect BOYNEXTDOOR at all costs, but always keeping in mind the safety of the fans as well. You can watch the uncomfortable moment below:

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