BLACKPINK’s Lisa publishes a teaser for an upcoming release

BLACKPINK’s Lisa publishes a teaser for an upcoming release

Lisa from the K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK shocked all her fans by publishing a new teaser for an upcoming release a few hours ago, generating a great reaction on social networks of many fans speculating and wondering whats coming.

The Thai singer shared on her official Instagram account stories of two new teasers posing in black and white photos, in which, despite the dark illumination of the images, one of them focused on her lips while the other did in her perfect eyeliner and eye.

On the button of one of the photos, it can be read the date ‘02.08.2024’, while both photos have the words ‘Coming Soon‘. As this announcement can be shared in just a few hours, fans do not have to wait much for it; they just have to be attentive.

Many fans on social networks have been commenting that this upcoming release could be related to a makeup brand due to the focus on her eyes and lips. More than being a collaboration with a renowned company, fans believe it could be her own brand.

What do you think Blackpink’s Lisa is about to announce?