BLACKPINK’s Jennie and THE BOYZ’s Juyeon are in dating rumors

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and THE BOYZ’s Juyeon are in dating rumors

Since January 16 through the online community Nate Pann, a series of accusations have surfaced against BLACKPINK’s Jennie and THE BOYZ’s Juyeon, and according to alleged evidence presented, the idols are having a secret affair.

It all started when a netizen stated: “Last December 23, 2023, THE BOYZ member Juyeon posted that he was listening to Zion T’s song SNOW, what’s more suspicious is that a day later BLACKPINK’s Jennie uploaded a cover of the same song on her personal YouTube account“.

As this debate started, other netizens began to add evidence to the alleged relationship, stating that Juyeon attended Canadian Daniel Caesar’s concert in South Korea, and as a coincidence, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie was at the same venue.

Another netizen added that on the day of Daniel Caesar‘s concert, Juyeon was interacting closely with the people who accompanied Jennie to the concert, as if they had already known each other for some time. Another proof was a recent Instagram post by Juyeon.

The 26-year-old uploaded a photo celebrating his birthday on January 15, which shows a white wall and two hats, one blue and one pink. The next day (January 16), Jennie posted a photo celebrating her birthday, and in the photo you could see a white background and two hats, one blue and one pink.

Of course, all these details have left fans completely shocked, and they are waiting for a statement from the idols, their representatives or their respective agencies, because at the moment nothing can be confirmed or denied regarding the rumor.