BLACKPINK’s company drops a teaser for BABYMONSTER member Rora

BLACKPINK’s company drops a teaser for BABYMONSTER member Rora

A new rookie group is closer than ever! Why? Well, BLACKPINK’s company, YG Entertainment, is serving some of the flashiest visual teasers to officially introduce the BABYMONSTER members. These talented princesses will be the first girl band YG reveals to the public in 7 years. Yes, remember the last time that happened was in 2016 when BLACKPINK debuted.

Now, we all know that juicy drama: BABYMONSTER’s debut was supposed to happen in September, it was delayed because their company was carefully choosing the right debut song. Then, we learned this week that Ahyeon was not debuting with the rest of the girls, and will remain inactive for the time being.

Despite these setbacks, BABYMONSTER is coming to us with some really cool teasers. Now, if you didn’t know, our eyes have been already blessed with visual content from members Chiquita and Asa, but now it’s time for Rora.

This talented young girl is 15 years old, and was born in South Korea. In the visual teaser, we can see hair looking fiercely at the camera, rocking long black hair, and some serious red highlights!

Get ready, BABYMONSTER is going to debut on November 27th.