BLACKPINK will go on ‘indefinite hiatus’ after their original contract with YG Entertainment expired

BLACKPINK will go on ‘indefinite hiatus’ after their original contract with YG Entertainment expired

BLACKPINK quickly became one of the greatest groups in the K-pop scene after debuting in 2016 due to their incomparable talent, stage presence, and amazing performance. However, there are rising concerns about their future as their original contract with YG Entertainment expired in August 2023 and there has not been any definitive news about their contract renewal.

According to the rumors on social media, YG Entertainment is struggling to get Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa to agree to the conditions of their new contracts which have led many of their fans, better known as BLINKs, to speculate about their possible breakup. Despite this, the South Korean entertainment agency released a statement and revealed that the “contract renewals are still under discussion.”

On top of that, it is rumored that Lisa has received several offers from different entertainment companies all over the world as she is currently one of the most desired performers in the K-pop industry. To make matters worse, the Thai rapper allegedly turned down YG’s second offer for ₩50 billion ($37 million) so it can be said that the negotiations are not going smoothly.

In the same vein, an investment and securities firm revealed that “the group will likely go into indefinite hiatus and suspend activities after the world tour.” This statement aligns with what Jennie said during one of the group’s shows in Singapore earlier in the year about their upcoming Sept 16. and Sept 17. shows at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul which are allegedly BLACKPINK’s “last shows.” 

After hearing the news, the BLINKs immediately expressed their concerns on social media as everything points out that BLACKPINK will not return together as a group any time soon. Despite this, they are confident that YG Entertainment and the girls will reach an agreement that keeps everyone, especially the fans, happy.

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