BLACKPINK sets a new streaming record with “THE ALBUM”

BLACKPINK sets a new streaming record with “THE ALBUM”

BLACKPINK has demonstrated they have a long reign which seems to have no end since their debut in 2016. The astonishing girl group has become a blueprint for the K-pop scene and these valuable records evidence the girls’ influence all over the world.

Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé solidify their careers as the girl group of the decade by consistently pushing the boundaries of the K-pop industry. The streaming giant group even has surpassed other girl groups such as “Little Mix” and “Fifth Harmony.”

The first full-length album by BLACKPINK titled “THE ALBUM” achieved an astonishing record by crossing the 3 billion stream milestone on Spotify. This achievement solidified “THE ALBUM” as the most-streamed studio album by a female group on the streaming platform and subsequently, the first K-pop act to achieve this otherworldly record as the quickest group to reach this mark.

BLACKPINK’s fans, better known as the BLINKS, couldn’t help to share their excitement on social media by stating this milestone was on the same date as the third anniversary of the album. They also stated how proud are of the girls because they keep achieving records without releasing new material.

Despite the ambiguous atmosphere that surrounds BLACKPINK’s renewal contract, it was an obstacle to keep breaking records and showing they are one of the most important groups of the decade. Here is the list of the most streamed girl group albums of all time on Spotify:

  1.  THE ALBUM (BLACKPINK): 3 Billion streams
  2. Glory Days (LITTLE MIX): 2.6 Billion streams
  3.  7/27 (FIFTH HARMONY): 2.3 Billion streams
  4.  Get Weird (LITTLE MIX): 2.1 Billion streams
  5.  BORN PINK (BLACKPINK): 2 Billion streams