BLACKPINK is the most viewed Kpop act on YouTube in 2023

BLACKPINK is the most viewed Kpop act on YouTube in 2023

BLACKPINK has been acknowledged as one of the biggest Kpop groups of all time, even one of the biggest among the greatest in history. Their numerous records and feats are based on their great ability to captivate the audience with catchy sounds and well-executed performances. This combination was enough for them to become the most viewed Kpop act on YouTube in 2023.

The girl group had such a journey during 2023 as their contract expired in August, and until earlier December they were able to renew their contract. However, they only renewed their contract for group activities rather than individual ones. The turbulent year wasn’t an obstacle to stop their success throughout 2023, particularly on YouTube.

The idols emerged at the top in 2023, as they were crowned the most viewed K-Pop artist on YouTube for the past year, with approximately 4.037 billion views on the platform. Despite not releasing an official single, BLACKPINK was able to do that!

The list also included BTS in the second place with 3.165 billion views, Twice with 1.648 billion views, and Stray Kids with 1.382 billion views in the Kpop field. Overall, BLACKPINK placed at No. 3 behind Karol G and Bad Bunny. Undeniably, BLACKPINK keeps proving their legacy transcends everything.

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