BLACKPINK has the highest grossing Kpop tour of 2023, here’s the full list

BLACKPINK has the highest grossing Kpop tour of 2023, here’s the full list

All right, Kpop lovers get ready for some touring facts from BLACKPINK, Suga of BTS, TWICE, and more. Yes, you read that right, with this genre taking the world by storm it is no surprise that Billboard decided to spill the tea on the highest-grossing Kpop tours of the year, and we got that info for you!

Gone are the days when Kpop artists just made a couple of shows here and there in their native country, and if fans abroad were lucky, some would mostly tour East and South East Asia. This year our faves slayed their stages in Europe, Latin America and North America, proving once again the stellar qualities of Kpop.

Now, get ready because we’re putting together the top 10 highest-grossing Kpop tours of 2023, and the results are nothing short of amazing. With dazzling acts like Suga of BTS, SEVENTEEN, TWICE, and more. All of these idols prove that Kpop has officially gone from a local cute little thing into a global phenomenon.

10. NCT Dream – “The Dream Show 2: In a Dream World Tour.” ($7 million).

9. LE SSERAFIM – “Flame Rises.” ($7.9 million).

8. ATEEZ – “THE FELLOWSHIP : BREAK THE WALL.” ($13.9 million).

7. Stray Kids – “5-Star Dome Tour.” ($16.1 million).

6. ENHYPEN – “2nd World Tour Fate.” ($33 million).

5. SEVENTEEN – “FOLLOW TOUR.” ($43.3 million).

4. TXT – “Act: Sweet Mirage.” ($46.8 million).

3. TWICE – “Ready To Be World Tour” ($54.2 million).

2. Suga – “Agust D Tour.” ($57.1 million).

  1. BLACKPINK – “Born Pink World Tour.” ($148.3 million).

This year was definitely packed with live shows from our faves, especially BLACKPINK, who managed to break attendance records and officially hold the title for the highest-grossing tour by a girl group in history.

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