Blackpink could come to an end after successful world tour

Blackpink could come to an end after successful world tour

Just a few days ago, the successful South Korean girlband Blackpink, closed their successful tour creating a great precedent in music and making all the fans excited about the idea of the other musical projects that the group might have.

Now, all those same fans are worried about the future, as it seems it might not be what they are hoping for with the terrible news that Blackpink might be coming to an end, at least as we know it now, causing a big question mark over the future of the band that recently finished their global tour, filling stadiums, arenas and forums all over the world.

Blackpink could come to an end after successful world tour

No one likes to know that one of their favorite bands might break up, but it is a fate that unfortunately all bands go through, as they wish to pursue their lives independently and experience their own sound and stage presence.

According to reports, only BLACKPINK’s Rosé has renewed with YG, making people wonder if they will. If they do not renew the contract, they will not continue to be part of the group, despite having received million-dollar offers. According to Sports Seoul, the three members are now working out the final details of the revised contract negotiations.

On September 17, during BLACKPINK’s ‘Born Pink’ encore finale in Seoul, Jennie promised the audience, “We will continue to be the BLACKPINK you love,” making it clear that the group intended to remain as a unit.


So then you don’t have to worry, as it seems that Blackpink has no intention of splitting up, according to the members themselves. It seems that they will only sign with different managers, but they plan to stay together.

What do you think about it? Do you think blackpink will come to an end?