BLACKPINK and Meta Quest announce a virtual reality concert

BLACKPINK and Meta Quest announce a virtual reality concert

BLACKPINK has been on everyone’s mind this year! This super quartet has slayed left, right, and center with their “Born Pink World Tour,” which concluded in September in Seoul, South Korea. Even though the BLACKPINK girls haven’t released much music in 2023, they still have been up to major moves, including a collaboration with Meta Quest to drop their virtual reality concert!

You read that right! Our queens joined forces with Meta to bring to life the “BLACKPINK: A VR Encore.” With this show, BLINKs (that’s the name BLACKPINK fans wear proudly) will get the chance to see the finale of the “Born Pink” show in South Korea. That’s what we call a special treat for fans to see the final of their concert once again, and it’s even more special for those who weren’t able to attend.

This virtual reality collaboration came to be thanks to production company The Diamond Bros., which is taking the lead in the production and direction. Also, all the owners of the Meta Quest VR will get themselves a juicy front-row ticket to the BLACKPINK experience. Can you imagine seeing “Typa Girl” and vibe with that bop in virtual reality?

Now, it’s time to mark your calendars, BLINks: the “BLACKPINK: A VR Encore” will premiere on Tuesday, December 26th – talk about the perfect Xmas gift! Are you ready to see the craziest display of powerful visuals? Then, catch this trailer to get a sneak peek of that virtual reality and BLACKPINK magic that’s coming to you next month:

BLACKPINK: A VR Encore – Official Teaser

We are not getting an actual update on their contract renewal process, but we love ourselves some nice VR shows!