BigHit Music replies to BTS’ involvement in the adult entertainment and drug scandals

BigHit Music replies to BTS’ involvement in the adult entertainment and drug scandals

On October 26th, the BIGHIT Music agency issued a public statement clarifying the recent rumors circulating through social networks and web citations where they claim that the K-Pop group BTS is involved in the recent cases of drugs and besides attending a hostess club.

The agency is responsible for confirming that “the artists are not at all related to the scandals, and the charges against BTS members are completely false“, stating that they have no relation to the recent drug cases that have been revealed in recent days.

Sports Chosun reported that another outlet spread the rumor, stating that the members of the K-Pop boyband regularly attended the hostess club that Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon frequented, an exclusive club for rich people, where a drink could cost more than $7,000.

BIGHIT Music responded to all these defamations with a clear statement: “We will take strong legal action against those who provide false information with the intention of damaging the image of BTS“. These rumors, initiated by internet users, were due to the drug cases of Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon.

When this news was confirmed, it was commented that there were other idols that would be investigated under the same charge, which led to many speculations. The agencies of LE SSERAFIM, (G)I-DLE, and the singer-songwriter Park Sun Joo were also offended by the rumors and went out to deny them.

The police body responsible for the Lee Sun Kyun case also issued a statement confirming that there is no other idol or public figure officially related to the actor’s drug charge, which should put an end to all the rumors that have been created and shared by internet users.