‘Big Mouth’ Episode 6: YoonA Protects Seo Jae Young’s Document


In “Big Mouth” episode 6, Go Mi Ho (YoonA) doubted her hubby Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) as well as endangered him towards point their relationship if he really did not inform the reality about his identification. Mi Ho also got a suggestion where Seo Jae Young’s documents were actually covert.

‘Big Mouth’ Episode 6: Go Mi Ho Gos to Park Chang Ho in Jail

Gucheon Hospital’s clinical personnel are actually assigned to perform offer work at the Gucheon Jail. After understanding that his spouse concerned go to him, Park Chang Ho obtained thrilled towards reunite along with his spouse.

After pet grooming themself, he lastly dealt with Mi Ho. However she went directly towards the factor as well as inquired him about exactly just what was actually taking place as well as why was actually everybody contacting him Big Computer mouse. She informed him that if he existed, it will more than in between all of them. Because the spaces were actually under monitoring, they headed out towards speak. Warden Park appeared dissatisfied for certainly not listening to the couple’s discussion.

Park Chang Ho obtained truthful along with his spouse as well as discussed exactly just what truly occurred in between him as well as the genuine Big Computer mouse. After he got the medication listing coming from Mayor Choi, unusual points occurred, as well as somebody began sending out him notifications through memory card about his strategies.

After she listened to his declaration, she really experienced happy that her hubby was actually simply faking it towards understand more about Seo Jae Young’s situation – as well as utilize the chance towards catch as well as capture that the well-known conman truly is actually.

Go Mi Ho Protects Seo Jae Young’s Document

While hectic operating at the Gucheon Medical facility as well as taking a look at how to assist Chang Ho, Go Mi Ho got a suggestion about Seo Jae Young’s document. Kim Kyung Sook referred to as her as well as recommended an offer.

She guaranteed towards provide solid info about where towards discover the document for money. They handled towards seal the deal, however it was actually then somebody dropped before Mi Ho coming from the roof of Gucheon Medical facility. She ran within the structure as well as notified her about the event.

She gone to Hyun Joo Hee (Okay Ja Yeon) as well as informed her about the murder that occurred outdoors the structure. Mi Ho also faced her as well as discussed that prior to Kyung Sook dropped. She informed her that Seo Jae Young’s document was actually within Hyun Joo Hee’s pendant.

Joo Hee handed her the pendant, however it really did not available. Mi Ho apologized. Jang Hye Jin (Hong Ji Hee) overheard their discussion.

In the following clip, Seo Jae Young’s documents arrived at Go Mi Ho’s palm, after Jang Hye Jin handed all of them towards her. The woman confessed she possessed an event along with Seo Jae Young after conserving her coming from manipulative hubby Han Jae Ho, among the VIPs.

Seo Ja Young provided her that pendant where the document was actually covert.