Attorney Woo Season 2 Confirmed – Will certainly The Cast Reprise Their Functions?


“Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which celebrities Park Eun Bin, Kang Tae Oh, as well as Kang Ki Young, has actually great information for fans in front of ending – the production confirmed the drama’s season 2!

Here is exactly just what our team learn about the forthcoming sequel.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Season 2 Verifies Production
Based upon an special record provided through Edaily on August 17, CEO Lee Sang Baek of Acetory, which is actually the production business responsible for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” revealed that the K-drama is actually confirmed towards have actually a Season 2.

Mr. Lee thanked the audiences for sustaining the drama, as well as towards gain the like that they continue providing, the production is actually collection for a new sequel, which is actually anticipated to become created in 2024.

Because the information damaged out fans were actually pleased due to the statement. Nevertheless, some audiences also discussed their concerns that a few of the initial cast may certainly not reprise their functions. One is actually Kang Tae Oh, that will employ in the armed forces in September of this particular year.

Will certainly ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s’ Initial Cast Gain in Season 2?
Inning accordance with CEO Lee Sang Baek, towards certainly not make complex points, they’ll attempt their finest towards have actually the exact very same cast as feasible. However it will certainly get great deals of comprehensive conversations as various other stars currently have actually new jobs towards work on when “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Season 1 surmises this August.

Thus, felt confident that the lawful K-series will certainly gain in 2024. Already, Kang Tae Oh is actually a couple of months close to his armed forces discharge.

Along with exactly just what Mr. Lee possessed stated, for now, it is actually now simple towards correlative the routines of the production personnel and cast. Their objective is actually towards maintain a minimum of 90 per-cent of the initial cast as well as production personnel prior to they completely wage the filming.

He specified that it might get a significant quantity of your time towards correlative along with everybody that is actually part of the job, however the strategy towards create “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Season 2 will certainly certainly not alter.

More ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ Products, Material Towards Be actually Created

Finally, Mr. Lee discussed that they strategy towards proceed purchasing the drama through launching different components utilizing the K-Drama’s IP, like webtoons, various other product, as well as a music variation of it was actually currently confirmed for production.

Do not miss out on the staying episodes of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” on ENA Network as well as Netflix every Wednesday as well as Thursday!